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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast- Residential & Hospitality

When it comes to cleaning, mattresses are one of the most overlooked items that require cleaning in our homes. Depending upon where you obtain your information, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands – millions of small bacteria live and breed in our mattresses at any given point in time. These microscopic organisms, creatures and bed bugs are significant factors in contributing to the health issues within our community, particularly among the younger and older demographics who are more susceptible to bacteria in the environment.

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A clean mattress is good for your healthWe often hear about bed bugs and while they do not transmit serious diseases, their bites can cause irritation and often blood spots on sheets could be the first indication of an infestation. Keeping furniture clean, dusted and regular housekeeping will aid in reducing the likelihood of bed bugs and professional steaming is considered an effective method to rid mattresses of insects and eggs.

CPH Services has the benefit of having licensed pest control technicians who can treat heavily infested mattresses prior to the technician cleaning mattresses.

We have developed several options for you to consider for your families’ mattress cleaning. Some clients prefer a dry mattress cleaning and CPH Services offer this via our specific allergy advanced mattress vacuum* cleaning along with a sanitiser treatment; others prefer our steam cleaning method, which can be also layered with a protector and sanitiser after cleaning.

So why not call us and lets talk about how we can make your mattresses smelling fresh and hygienically clean?

Upholstery & Leather Lounge Cleaning Services

Upholstery & Leather Lounge Cleaning Services Gold Coast

Living hygienically is a choice. CPH Services upholstery and leather lounge cleaning service provides our clients an environmentally conscious, affordable and professional alternative for their lounge cleaning needs. Our lounge cleaning technicians have been trained for both leather lounge cleaning and upholstery lounge cleaning – We also clean chairs, sofa-beds, mattresses and can even clean the fabric upholstery inside your car.

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A clean fabric lounge suiteCPH Services understands the importance of using the most appropriate products suitable for your lounge fabric. Not one product does it all and not all stain removers are suitable for use on all fabric lounges. Our lounge-cleaning technicians pay particular attention to the usual areas where natural oils seep into the lounge fabric causing discolouration and staining.

We have a number of options for our clients depending upon their budget and needs. These options include a hot water extraction steam cleaning with sanitiser; some prefer just a high powered commercial vacuum to rid the lounge from pet hair then apply a sanitiser or our UV allergy advanced vacuum (we use for mattresses); while others may require stain or pet urine (or no.2’s) treatments which require an additional anti-microbial treatment after cleaning. There are many options so let’s talk when you call and we’ll gladly walk you through the one most suitable option for you.

The same could be said for our leather lounge cleaning; simply using any leather-cleaning product purchased from a cleaning supplier is not acceptable to us. It is critical to identify the type of leather to be cleaned then pre-inspect and conduct a colour-fastness test prior, to ensure it is safe to clean. Our leather cleaning is a three-step process:

1. Identifying the leather: It could be Aniline, Full Grain, Nubuck, Roller-Coated, Antique or Wax coated to name but a few, and without knowing what type of leather it is could be disastrous if the wrong product is applied.

2. Clean the leather with the appropriate product: We have our own unique cleaning process that depends upon the actual type of leather to be cleaned. It is non-abrasive, yet effective in removing dirt and grime while allowing the leather to absorb the cleaning agent.

3. Apply a protective coating: A protective coating is applied to layer an absorbable protective moisturiser to the leather lounge, allowing for a softer more subtle finish.

Let’s talk – call us for more information on how CPH Services lounge cleaning can help keep your home or office environment healthy.


Professional, licensed technicians who are reliable, conscientious and proactively positive in servicing Gold Coasts rental market with affordable carpet cleaning and pest control solutions when tenants are vacating a rental property.

Rental Exit Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Services

Rental Exit Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Services Gold Coast

End of lease, rental bond, exit cleaning and bond cleaning all mean the same thing. CPH Services end of lease services understand that rental exits can be a stressful and costly experience, that’s why our carpet cleaning / pest control services for the renters vacating a rental property is designed to both affordable and stress free.

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In order for you to receive your rental bond after vacating your rental property there are several things that need to be attended too as part of your lease agreement. If you’re unsure what you need to do always check with your property manager and read your lease agreement carefully. Essentially the minimum requirements for rental exits are to ensure the property is professionally cleaned inside and outside; that the carpets are professionally cleaned and that pest control and flea treatments are conducted as per your specific lease agreement.

Gold Coast Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Gold Coast

Professional cleaning of ceramic or porcelain tiles requires knowledge and understanding of what type of products are suited to each type of tile. Our technicians are experienced Tile & Grout cleaners and we use high powered water pressure machines with specific vacuums that don’t leave your tiles wet after we treat an area.

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We use high quality truck mounted machinery and equipment with the appropriate products for your type of tiles. Our Gold Coast tile technicians will let you know upfront the cost of your tile & grout cleaning, without any pressure to proceed.