The current COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world is a serious concern for us all – Even if this existing threat eventually becomes controlled, the world has now changed forever. Hygiene protocols and proactive disinfection services are now becoming a priority for the ongoing survival of our species.

CPH Services Gold Coast disinfection services is designed to make our homes and workplaces hygienically safer. We utilise specific equipment, TGA approved products and current knowledge to provide a professional disinfection service that is safe to you and the surrounding environment.

Our hygiene and disinfection services consist of broad spectrum disinfection treatments which involves the use of specialised sprayers, ULV misters and fogging machines. These are specifically designed to spread disinfectant in fine micron particles that will disperse onto all surfaces. The particles must be left to dry on the surfaces for a period of time, untouched, in order to allow the disinfectants to kill off any bacteria present.