When most people think about the sort of pest a professional  pest management company deal with on a day to day basis they would think of termites, ants, spiders and cockroaches. There is another category of pest control called feral pest.

One of the hardest things about dealing with feral pests or invasive species is that once they get even the smallest of footholds, they become incredibly hard to contain. There are many invasive species throughout Australia, and whether dealing with animals gone feral, invasive pests from another land, or both, these feral pests are currently the ones drawing serious attention from the local and regional government of South East Queensland.

1. Feral Cats

Feral cats are a problem anywhere they manage to run unchecked, and Australia is no exception. Even tame cats can devastate a local rodent or bird population, and feral cats are more aggressive, more prone to hunt, and they have been among the worst of the feral species found throughout Queensland. In fact, many biologists suspect that feral cats may have helped contribute to the extinction of several small mammal species no longer found in their native Australian ecosystem.

In addition to this groups of feral cats often carry disease that can devastate kangaroo and wallaby populations.

2. Feral Pigs

Feral pigs are known to utterly destroy land, spread disease that can harm livestock and jump to humans, and they incredibly aggressive. Large feral pigs can be extremely aggressive and are more than capable of severely injuring or even killing a person in the right scenario. They are a menace throughout Queensland.

3. Red Fox

Originally brought for hunting, the problem with red fox numbers is that these animals are naturally very clever and extremely elusive. That makes them difficult to locate and hunt down, and even trapping methods that conventionally work on other species have often come up short in the attempt to cull down these numbers.

4. European Hare and European Rabbits

The destroy land, devastate gardens and local plant life, and breed at a rate that few other animals match. There’s no turning back the clock on the rabbits found throughout the province but there are ways to protect limited amounts of land and garden from most of them.

5. Wild Dogs

Wild dogs include dingoes, wild domestic breeds, and dingo/domestic hybrids. When left wild they often go in packs and while the signs are often there early to get locals to work on controlling the population, left unchecked they can take down not only domestic pets, but full sized wildlife and livestock.

Although there aren’t major reports of them in recent times in Queensland, wild dog populations in other areas have been known to attack and even kill humans.

Other feral pests on the Gold Coast include;

  • 6. Pigeons
  • 7. Brush Turkeys
  • 8. Deer
  • 9. Common Myna
  • 10. Ibis