Since humans first began developing human habitats, there have been some elements of the animal kingdom who seek out shelter, food and water by living nearby while some have become welcomed as pets and domesticated animals, others have become an unwanted presence in modern homes.

The Gold Coast has no shortage of creepy crawlies making their way across plains, lawns and gardens and right into your homes. Keeping these unwanted elements of the animal kingdom at bay can be a full-time work and is best begun with a few preventative measures.

How to Protect your Home Against Ants, Cockroaches and Spiders

Following are some best practices for keeping unwanted creatures outside of your homes where they won’t be spoiling your foods, biting your ankles and causing any other disturbance through their presence.

Ant Control

Ants will make themselves quite at home in the walls and masonry of your home. All they need is a good supply of food and moisture and they can become a considerable problem to reckon with. Ants from exterior colonies will also come to forage in your home if they know there is a regular supply of food at hand.

Keeping ants out of your home can be difficult as they are tenacious and opportunistic they will enter in through the smallest chinks and cracks in the walls and woodwork. While ti can be difficult to keep, every hole blocked up, this is a good way to start.

Ants hate strong smells and peppermint oil, vinegar and coffee grounds can be applied in various ways to the different location frequented by ants to keep them at bay. If you see your home is becoming overrun by a six-legged menace, exterminators may be the only solution to your problem.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are most active at night, so if you see a few runners jogging about the kitchen during the day, you can bet your home or kitchen is quickly becoming overrun with them. The kitchen is the most convenient location for them to set up shop as they will find plenty of water and food right on hand.

The best way to begin the war on the roach menace is with another level of cleanliness. Make sure food is never left out over nights and the same for dirty dishes and counters. Keep a good lid on the trashcan and make sure all pipes and sealing along the sink is tight and leak proof.

Keeping your home clean will prevent more cockroaches from entering your home, but what about those within your home. You will need to select the most appropriate methods of ousting this cockroach menace. For a small infestation home techniques, could be enough, otherwise call the professionals.

Very few methods of pest control can effectively kill the eggs of the roaches and you will need to repeat the process again within 2 to three weeks depending on the type of roach.

Spider Control

Most pesticides and insecticides will do no good on your spiders because these are not pests or insects. These creepy crawlies will enter your home after the ants and cockroaches do to keep the level of pests in the area down. If you have found many different types spiders in your home, you need to engage click here or call Phil on 0407 034 007

Eliminate cockroaches and flies as these are the most common type of prey for the predator. Again keeping your home dry and no sources of food left where these bugs can find them is the best way to keep the predatory creatures away.