Our professional services are a must when you have carpet. Debris and toxins will go deep into your carpet and you can’t get them out with a normal vacuum. You need a professional service to come in and get the dirt out of your carpet.

Regular cleanings will increase the life of your carpet and make it look and smell better. You will also get rid of many of the toxins that carpets can harbor. Many different chemicals are involved with the carpet cleaning process. Read on to learn about some of the chemicals that are involved in the process.

Carpet cleaning chemicals are designed to be safe for your carpet and the environment. While carpet cleaners in the past had strong odors and could irritate mucous membranes, modern carpet cleaning chemicals are designed to be non-toxic and safe for people and pets.

The chemicals used in carpet cleaning are generally safe, but they do have the potential to damage your carpet if they are used the wrong way. It is important to use the right chemicals for your carpet because using the wrong chemicals could damage the carpet or leave residue on it. Be very careful to use the right chemicals when you are having your carpet cleaned.

Whenever you have your carpets cleaned, a little bit of the cleaning solution is left behind, so this makes it even more important to use a safe cleaning solution. The solution that is used should be an established solution that has been tested and tried.

Some people have problems with crystallizing chemicals because they can bond to the carpet and be difficult to remove. Crystallizing chemicals have the potential to discolor your carpet and even damage the fibers. Avoid using crystallizing chemicals on your carpet and try to find out what the cleaning company is planning to use.

VOC free cleaning solutions can be a good choice because they don’t give off gas. Volatile organic compounds can cause nose and throat irritation and can even damage your liver. High pH cleaning solutions are going to be better than low pH chemicals. Low pH cleaning chemicals are more acidic and these acids can damage carpet fibers and the color of the carpet over time.

Avoiding optic brighteners are a good idea as well. Optic brighteners cause carpets to turn yellow over time. Try to use green certified chemicals if you can. This means that the chemicals have been tested and that they are also safe and actually clean the carpet.

Testing chemicals before you use them is a great way to ensure that the chemicals are going to work. Test them on a small patch of carpet in an area that is hidden. If the carpet cleaning chemicals seem to work and don’t have a negative effect on the carpet you can then use them on the entire carpet. Taking the time to choose the right chemicals for your carpet will protect your carpets and keep them cleaner.