As much as we all love the feel of freshly cleaned carpets under our feet, they do require regular carpet cleaning to ensure they stay that way and that our environment remains as hygienically clean as possible. Weekly vacuuming will go along way to keeping your carpets in reasonably good condition, along with wearing no shoes on the carpeted areas.

Professional Low Cost Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

At CPH Services our local carpet cleaning (Gold Coast) team suggest a professional steam clean on an annual basis to not only hygienically clean and sanitise your carpet, but also to assist maintaining its aesthetic look and longevity. However, finding a professional, reliable, no short-cuts approach towards carpet cleaning isn’t always as easy as it sounds, until now! So test us out for yourself and we’ll gladly help with all your carpet cleaning needs.

Some of our customer appreciate that we offer a pest control service in conjunction with their regular carpet clean. If you would like to take advantage of our combined services please let us know next time you book in for carpet cleaning.



As recommended by many leading carpet manufacturers, we use a method of hot water extraction to clean carpets. Unlike other systems which only remove surface dust, this method gets right to the base of the fibres, extracting and removing ‘hidden’ allergens, mites, bacteria and grime to leave your carpet clean and fresh. And we only use eco-friendly products that are safe around young children and pets.

We are in people’s homes or workplace every day and a common comment that we hear in the local area is just ‘how difficult it is to find a professional in our field that is AFFORDABLE, EXPERIENCED and GENUINE’. They say, ‘either the price is cheap BUT the quality of the service reflects that…’, or ‘the service is there but they feel as though they are being charged too much’.

At CPH Services, our approach is simple. We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, we are Gold Coast locals and offer affordable rates, with genuinely experienced technicians who are professionally respectful to your needs.

CPH Services offers a professional carpet steam cleaning service to all suburbs

Our Cheap Carpet Cleaning Prices

Gold Coast carpet cleaning prices start from just $75!

Hot Water Extraction Process For Cleaner Carpets

  • Carpet fibres are identified to ensure appropriate products are used
  • Heavily soiled areas are vacuumed prior to Hot Water Extraction
  • Once cleaning product is applied, agitation of the area may be required to allow for a deeper penetration into the fibres
  • Carpet fibres are raked upon completion to assist the carpet pile return to its natural form
  • Carpet protection may be advantageous to prolong the aesthetics and life of the carpet fibres (protection may not suit all fibres)

Professional carpet steam cleaning penetrates the carpet from the ‘root to tip’ allowing for a deeper extraction of stubborn dirt and grime that settles in the roots.

It is recommended to have your carpeted areas professionally steamed cleaned at least annually. In highly used areas it may be hygienically beneficial to provide a healthier environment for your family, with more regular steam cleaning intervals during the year.

Visually, dirty carpets can give an unflattering impression to friends and clients alike. Let’s face it first impressions are lasting. Carpets are often the first thing we see when we enter a persons home or an office area. One option is to attempt to clean your carpets yourself by hiring equipment for the day, however without the correct equipment, or using the incorrect products on the wrong type of carpet fibres, you could just make it worse.

Why jeopardise the potential for permanent damage to your carpet when these days there are affordable options for local residents to engage a trained professional who will not only get the job done quicker, but the end result will be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. CPH Services also cleans rugs, leather / upholstered lounges and mattresses. Our technicians are experienced in specific stain removal and odour control.

Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

#1: How often should I clean my carpets?

No matter what kind of carpet you own, it requires you to stay on top of some important maintenance steps. Keeping your carpet clean is the most important thing that you can do in this regard. The first thing you need to do is invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner that will allow you to pick up any debris that is getting embedded into your carpet fibres. This way, you will increase the longevity of your carpets and prevent problems from becoming worse. You should strive to vacuum your carpets at least two times per week if you want to maintain the overall quality. In terms of professional carpet cleaning, it would be wise to reach out to a professional to have them clean your carpets no less than once annually.

#2: How long will the carpet cleaning take?

The timetable for cleaning your carpets depends on the method we use to clean the carpet and the type of carpet that you own. For example, traditional wet vacuum carpet cleaning will only take about a half hour or so per room to clean, but then you would need to wait between six hours and 12 hours for the carpet to dry before you are able to walk on it again.

You will be able to use fans and open windows in order to decrease some of this time-frame.  Make sure that you ask the carpet technician ahead of time so that you are well prepared.

#3: How is dry cleaning different from steam cleaning?

The two major methods of cleaning carpets that professionals use include carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry-cleaning. Only steam cleaning is truly effective in removing the deep spoiling that carpets experience with prolonged use. We don’t use or recommend dry cleaning of carpets

For example, with steam cleaning, we use a device in order to inject hot water into your carpets, in addition to a mixture of cleaning solution elements that do deep into the fibre of your carpets for substantial cleaning. The water is then extracted, removing dirt and grime with it and the carpet is allowed to dry.

#4: Which cleaning method is best for my carpet?

The method of cleaning that you require depends on the severity of damage that your carpet has experienced. If you have long lasting stains in your carpet that you are sick of and you want to finally get rid of them, steam cleaning is your best bet, because it tends to be more effective than dry cleaning.

#5: Are the chemicals you use harmful to children or pets?

When doing business with us, you can be assured that we will use nothing but safe products. We understand our products inside and out and will be able to clean your carpet without you having to worry about any harm to your pets or children. This is particularly important if you have a very young child that is still crawling or just learning how to walk. We take every measure to apply nothing but safe procedures and will always keep your pets and children from experiencing any adverse reactions to the products that we apply to your carpet.

#6: Will cleaning my carpet remove all of the stains?

When we offer regular carpet cleaning, you can guarantee that we will give you tremendous results. However, there may come a time in which a stain requires further attention. During these situations, we will take them on a case-by-case basis and spot treat the stain to make sure that it is fully removed. This may involve work that is more involved than a routine cleaning.

#7: What stains will you be able to remove?

Our company specialises in just about every type of stain removal that you can think of. Some examples include the removal of;

  • pet accidents
  • pet odours
  • beverage spills including red wine and beer
  • food including beetroot
  • crayon
  • lipstick
  • show polish
  • blood
  • wax
  • grass
  • oil and grease
  • paint
  • coffee
  • chewing gum
  • dirt and mud
  • vomit

You will be able to take pride in your carpets once we handle our fast acting stain removal procedures.

#8: How long should I stay off my carpet after a professional steam clean?

When you get a steam clean, it will typically require you to stay off of the carpets for six hours or so. We will be able to let you know in specific detail after the steam cleaning service is complete, so that you do not make the mistake of walking onto the carpets while they are still wet.

#9: What equipment do you use to hasten the drying process?

We can provide you with fans that will expedite the process of your carpets drying. This way, we will get out of your hair and you would have your home back to normal in no time. Depending on what season it is, you may also want to open up your windows.

#10: Why is vacuuming so important for carpet maintenance?

Without question, vacuuming is the bread-and-butter of your carpet maintenance. The reason for this is that you experience so much foot traffic inside of your home on a daily basis and need to be able to get rid of loose dirt before it becomes more heavily embedded into the carpet to the point of becoming a problem. So much future damage can be prevented when you take the time to vacuum your carpets regularly, as opposed to allowing stains to get out of control.

#11: What is the cost of carpet cleaning?

When you need a carpet cleaning service, it is important that you contact us for an estimate. The reason for this is that the cost of our carpet cleaning services will depend on the size of your home and how many rooms you need done. Our prices start at $75 per job.

#12: Are there any hidden costs not included with my carpet cleaning?

We will lay out every matter up front, so that you know exactly how much you are paying. We will give you the estimate in writing and have you sign off on it before any further work is conducted.

#13: If I’m going to pay for a quality carpet clean, what should I receive?

If you need a high quality carpet clean, bring out one of our contractors to your property so that we can advise you on the best method for your particular carpets. We will walk through every area of your home and find any potential troublesome stains that may require a little bit more effort to remove. From here, we will be able to let you know exactly what kind of service is required and can quote you would estimate that is fair and professional.

So by taking all of these factors into account, you can see exactly what you need to do in order to make the most out of your home carpet. By factoring in these tips and reaching out to the help of a licensed and insured carpet contractor, you will have no problem getting the absolute most out of your carpeting.

Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here do please let us know. We are happy to talk to you about any unique issues or carpet cleaning challenges that you have.