At CPH we offer affordable carpet cleaning however we are by no means the cheapest carpet cleaning company on the Gold Coast. We refuse to compete on price alone. We pride ourselves on doing a great job on a range of carpets and carpet rugs at a fair price. We only employ experienced technicians and use the best equipment and chemicals. Don’t waste your hard earned money on cheap carpet cleaners because you may have to get us in afterwards to finish of the job to your high standards. If you are like most homeowners, you probably vacuum the carpet once a week and use a cheap carpet cleaner bought at a big box store for cleaning the carpets once a year. These cheap carpet cleaners do not get out really tough stains. Unclean carpets are not only an eyesore but may also become a breeding ground for harmful germs and other allergens. Replacing the carpet costs thousands of dollars but you can give your carpet a new lease of life by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. There are all kinds of carpet cleaning companies and not everyone has the necessary expertise and experience to properly clean the carpet. Some homeowners make the mistake of hiring the cheapest carpet cleaning company they can find in order to save a few bucks. They quickly discover that the money saved by hiring a cheap cleaners isn’t really worth it. In fact, a cheap carpet cleaning company does more harm than good and you should never hire a carpet cleaning company only on the basis of cost. Here are a few reasons why cheap carpet cleaning isn’t worth the money saved.

1. They Are Cheap for a Reason

Low price carpet cleaners are cheap for a reason. There is no regulator protecting the interests of consumers in the carpet cleaning industry. In other words, there are no standards and no certification. No insurance is required to start working as a carpet cleaner. Anybody can start a carpet cleaning business by buying or renting cheap equipment. These cheap carpet cleaners usually do not have any training or education in the field which means they do not understand the importance of using safe cleaning chemicals. Also, they usually do not have any insurance such as workers’ compensation insurance or liability insurance that keeps you safe if anything goes wrong. Lack of insurance means that you are on the hook for any injury suffered by a worker while cleaning your carpets. In simple terms, they are not concerned with the quality of cleaning or the harm done by using cheap equipment and cheap cleaning agents.

2. Cheap Equipment

Professional carpet cleaners invest in high-quality equipment in order to make sure all the cleaning agents and detergents are sucked out from the carpet. If any detergent is left in the carpet once the cleaning is done, it will attract new dirt and soil. In other words, cheap carpet cleaning will make your carpets dirty faster as the cheap cleaners will leave behind soap in the carpet fibers. Since they do not have the right equipment, they cannot take out all the soap and detergent. Excessive soiling on your carpet will expedite its wear. Once the carpet wears out, it can’t be restored and you will have to replace it. In other words, you will have to spend far more money on replacing your carpet as compared to the money you saved by hiring cheap carpet cleaners. Cheap carpet cleaners often dilute their cleaning products to save money. This happens a lot with carpet protectors. Carpet protector works but only when they are used as intended. However, cheap cleaners usually dilute carpet protector and apply it in the wrong manner. The truth is carpet protectors work when they are diluted properly and applied using the right equipment.

3. Inexperienced and Untrained Employees

Cheap cleaners often do not have the money to hire good quality carpet cleaners as they cannot pay good wages. This often results in them hiring inexperienced and untrained employees who don’t know anything about carpet cleaning. Also, cheap cleaners often do not do any background checks on employees they hire which means you can’t be sure of the intention of the person you are inviting into your home. Cheap carpet cleaners not only ruin your carpet but they might also put you at risk by letting people without any background checks into your house.

4. Cheap Cleaners Go Out Of Business Quickly

Many cheap cleaners get business by offering to work at extremely low prices. They give all sorts of guarantees to get work and some customers make the mistake of hiring them thinking they are good for their word. They soon discover that the guarantee offered by the cheap cleaning company isn’t worth the paper it’s written on as they have gone out of business. It’s hard to run a small business and when someone gets business by quoting the lowest prices, they usually cannot keep up with the expenses of running a business. So, they close down the business and start something else leaving their customers with no option but to replace the worn out carpets by spending thousands of extra dollars that could have been saved by hiring the services of professional carpet cleaners.

5. Hidden Charges

As mentioned above, there is no regulator in this industry. Cheap cleaners often get a foot in by offering to work at a ridiculously low price. However, they usually try to charge more once they are in your home or office. Most people agree to the extra charges as they are in a time crunch and want to get the job done even when it wasn’t part of the initial quote. Professional carpet cleaning companies will never use such bait and switch tactics.

6. Damaged Furniture

More often than not, there is usually a piece of furniture on the carpet or you have carpet sitting on exposed timber floors. Cheap carpet cleaners do not care about the surroundings as they just want to get their work done quickly which means they may damage the furniture or your timber flooring while cleaning the carpet. So, you will not only have to deal with a poorly cleaned carpet but also the damaged furniture.


You might save some money by hiring cheap carpet cleaners. However, it’s not worth the money saved as poor cleaning techniques and harmful cleaning agents will damage your expensive carpet beyond repair and you will be forced to replace your carpet much sooner than needed. On the other hand, professional carpet cleaning companies have the right equipment and well-trained professionals who are aware of the dangers of using cheap equipment and cleaning agents. Professional carpet cleaning will enhance the life of your carpet. So, when it’s time to get your carpets cleaned, give a call to a professional carpet cleaning company that has been in the business for a number of years and has great reviews. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will save you a lot of money in the long run.